Though temporally bound to this plane, metaphysically, I’m far away.

I’m a Romantic era throwback. A throwback to the times of poets and wanderers above seas of fog. To Byronic heroes, and Pantheism. To windswept moors and lime tree bowers. To ancient mariners and ruined abbeys. A time of odes, castles, and long walks in nature. Of heroes, and adventures. Of chivalry. The Gothic. Of Love.


7 thoughts on “About

    • I am pleased to hear that. The Bronte sisters are amongst my favourite authors, and Rochester is a total babe. There’s actually a novel out (the title escapes me) which is the story of Jane Eyre with an erotic twist. I’ve not read it for fear it will contaminate my memory and love for the original. Do the first couple of chapters always make you want to punch a small, spoilt child in the face? Maybe it’s just me..

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